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Reflective Essay: Think, Write, Have Fun

Reflective essay has to stimulate your thinking and enhance your writing skills. Basically, reflective essay examples are not limited to a certain set of topics. Reflection essay might be devoted to estimation of your personal experience, discussion of the lecture you've heard or reflecting about the person, that influenced you. Having thought about what is a reflective essay, you will probably come to conclusion, that it is expressing of your opinion and proving it with reasonable supporting arguments. That is just one variant of reflective essay definition, however it expresses the essence pretty accurately.

Speaking of the contents, in a reflective essay you should talk about something, that truly engages you. This is what turns work on a reflective essay into a fun activity. Reflective essay format develops your critical thinking, and makes you fit your emotional and intellectual response into frames of one essay.

How to Write a Reflection Essay? We'll Share Some Advice with You!

So, the main question is: how to write a reflective essay? The first aspect you need to determine here is reflective essay topics. Unless it's assigned by your instructor, you've got to think of something, that stimulates your thinking and might bring to interesting and deep conclusions. Possible topics for reflection essay example might include ideas about the book you've recently read, a personality, that has somehow influenced you, or a political situation, that you're aware of and interested in. Another possible option for reflection essay topics is a self reflection essay. All in all, the list of topics is rather wide, and the most important criterion is your enthusiasm towards the topic.

However, your reflection essay sample being too personal is not a good thing. Although it often involves emotional engagement, writing a reflective essay has to result in a piece of academic writing. Make sure to support your evidence with factual information and stick to the traditional reflective essay outline: introduction, main body and conclusion. Introduction gives some background information on the topic and clearly states your thesis. Main body of reflective essays provides claims, that support your initial viewpoint and includes details, that illustrate the evidence. Conclusion wraps up everything that had been said before and encourages your reader to think of the topic on their own.

Proper reflective essay is a mixture of your personal ideas and academic standards. The first is entirely up to you. The second one is achievable by paying sufficient efforts to proofreading and editing, or even asking someone else to look through the essay for you. It might be not a piece of cake for you, however, the process is likely to end up being fun and rewarding. Good luck!

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