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Descriptive Essay: Show, Don't Tell

Descriptive essay probably is the most creative type of essays. A good descriptive essay example will not only be properly structured and written without lexical mistakes, but will paint a picture, that you will feel, hear and sense to the touch.

Let us try to answer the enquiry "what is a descriptive essay". Obviously, it is a description of a certain subject. The latter might be really different: from a descriptive essay about a person or a descriptive essay about the beach, to description of a smell, that is associated with home for you.

A great deal surely depends on descriptive essay topics: unless you have one assigned by your teacher, think about something that brings out emotions and incites feelings. In majority of tutorials aimed at answering the question "how to write a descriptive essay", the first and the most important step is defining the subject of your essay, and creating a "cloud of impressions" around it. For instance, you've decided to write a description essay about cookies. What are your associations? Warm milk? Chocolate chips? Or maybe, grandma's hugs and the warmth of your house, filled with a smell of cinnamon? You've got the idea, right? First, build your associations around subjects of descriptive essays and then move to create a beautiful mosaic.

Writing a Descriptive Essay: Structure Your Feelings and Let Them Shine

Descriptive essay examples of course may differ. The most prominent representatives of the world of literature have often changed a descriptive essay definition: surrealistic and symbolic images, created by them did not really fit into the frame, set by the standards of academic writing. However, if you're still a college student, at least try following the structure, that have frequently resulted in solid A's for your predecessors.

Thinking about how to start a descriptive essay, consider painting the most important element of the picture. Show the readers, what you're going to talk about. Don't just announce the central subject of your essay. Rather paint it with wide brushes.

The next element of a descriptive essay outline is the main body. The details, aimed at ornamenting the central concept, should be concentrated here. You might use a simple trick that will help you create a good example of a descriptive essay. Take a sheet of paper and divide it into five columns, each one dedicated to one sense: sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. Fill each column with an appropriate association to the subject of your essay. Put these associations into sentences. And there you have yourself a main body of a descriptive essay sample!

The conclusion of example of a descriptive essay is a cherry in the cocktail. Make sure that it leaves your reader with a pleasant aftertaste. Wrap up everything you've said before and, maybe add one final subtle touch.

Writing a descriptive essay is, as you can already see, a multi-stage process. Follow our tips, and create a first draft of your work. Leave it alone for a couple of days, and don't hesitate to edit and proofread it afterwards. Good luck, fellow writer!

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